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  • Transform Yourself…And Then the TEAM!

    Below is your Success Pack for real, meaningful team change. Transformation is hard won and requires three components:
    Vision – a believable visualization of a desired future. The Four Virtues Video Series articulates a Vision of the embodiment of each of the Virtues
    Action – deliberate and consistent practice and application. The Seven Disciplines of a Leader Audio Series provides practical Actions to bring the Virtues into practice
    Team – a supportive cohort that provides feedback and encouragement. The Four Virtues of a Leader Study Guide empowers teams of leaders to support and encourage one another in adopting the Four Virtues into their work.

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  • CHANGE =      Vision+Action + Team

    Four Virtues of a Leader Study Guide

    Form a community of practice to study how the book affects you, how it expands your experience or challenges your assumptions, and how reading it helps you to be a better leader and a better person.

    Four Virtues Video Series

    Visualize your reading experience with video teachings about the four virtues, including a bonus 5th video on “How do you define a leader”

    Seven Disciplines of a Heroic Leader Audio Series

    How to become a heroic leader that great people flock to.

Gear up for positive change now, and become a heroic leader of a heroic team. Email or call me now to receive these transformation tools. Support@sagatica.com| 619.668.8500

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