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  • Meditations on the Four Virtues


Guided meditations unleash the power of your imagination and the power of visualization to effect positive personal changes. The guided meditations for the Four Virtues of a Leader help you to vividly imagine brining the Virtues to life in a meaningful and practical way.

As I write, “a thought is a thing, you are what you think, and you become what you think about most.” Guided mediations provide a powerful state for you to immerse yourself in your desired future state of mastery of each of the Virtues. Along with relaxation, these meditations includes positive suggestions and positive visualizations that help bring about the inner experience of the changes you are seeking to realize in your outer life.

Meditation on Focus: 

You are not a mere leaf floating on the wind, passively pushed along by circumstances. You actively shape your environment. As a leader, your job is more than arranging and direction resources; your job is to envision and create.

This guided meditation will take you to essential space of your creative source. You will explore the origin of your mental models, and find ways to fortify your intention and attention.

Meditation on Courage: 

Face it: you can’t eliminate fear. You can’t be fearless; fear is biological. It is activated in the face of real or perceived threats. You can, however, find your courage in the presence of fear, and while it is unreasonable that you remain fearless, you can become skillful in how you manage your fear and anxiety.

This guided meditation is designed to identify your primary source of fear as well as the powerful source of your courage. You will find a way to easily and quickly return to courage when facing challenge and fear.

Meditation on Grit: 

Grit means passionately persevering toward long-term goals. At some point on your journey, enthusiasm and motivation will wane and weaken; they may even evaporate for a while. Grit is the virtue that fills the vacuum.

This guided meditation will take you to a place of perseverance. We all need to find our inner source of motivation and power, and learn how to activate it at will.

Meditation on Faith: 

Faith is stepping forward confidently in the absence of certainty; willing to let go, to surrender, the known and comfortable. There’s power that comes from surrender and openness; a soft and sustainable power.

This guided meditation will introduce the practice of mindfulness and presence to embolden your ability to let go and be here, now. Paradoxically, this capacity actually improves decisions reduces stress, and enhances relationships.

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