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  • Leadership begins at the edge of your comfort zone

    Embark upon a time-honored path of personal evolution. Confidently dive into the unknown. Become the inspirational leader you’re meant to be.

  • Leadership is a hero’s journey

    It is a pursuit of worthwhile rewards that calls for risk, sacrifice, and service to others. The heroic mindset emerges at the intersection of these four virtues:

Sharpen your mind and broaden your heart

A leader influences others through their presence, actions, and communication. That means each of us, no matter what our title or job, can be a leader. The Four Virtues of a Leader is intended for people who have a passion for their own journey as a leader, with field-tested insights for:

• CEOs and business managers 

• Educational and nonprofit leaders and their volunteer board members 

• Community advocates driving change in their neighborhoods and social spheres 

Eric Kaufmann has consulted for hundreds of leaders, including executives and teams at Sony, T-Mobile, Genentech, Alcon Labs, and Teradata. He is the founder and president of Sagatica, LLC and serves on the board of the San Diego Zen Center.

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