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What holds leaders back from making a real difference and achieving meaningful results?

  • Fear of failure.

  • Fear of rejections.

  • Fear of humiliation.

Cultivating the Courage to Lead is a training for leaders and leadership teams that want to embrace the:

  • courage to dare

  • courage to care

  • courage to speak up

This training works because it combines ideas with tools and practices, and has immediate applications to the workplace.

Warren G. Bennis, the founding chairman of The Leadership Institute at the University of Southern California, said, “The most dangerous leadership myth is that leaders are born—that there is a genetic factor to leadership. This myth asserts that people simply either have certain charismatic qualities or not. That’s nonsense; in fact, the opposite is true. Leaders are made rather than born.”

Cultivating the Courage to Lead

The basic mood of our ego is fear, and it’s ever ready to dump water on the fires of our passion. Fear is the gatekeeper to power, and whenever we step forward, commit, and lead toward a new direction or vision, we encounter our innermost fears.

So we seek safe passage on the journey to achievement and purpose. But the purpose and safety are a paradoxical tension that can’t be resolved because there is no safety on the path of greatness; there’s risk, challenge, and sacrifice. So we either accept that leadership is risky and depart from the comfort zone, or we pull back from the edge and acquiesce to a life of repetition and bureaucracy.

This program is designed to cultivate the courage to lead. We’ve created this to address the tension of leadership:

  • Should I speak up?

  • Am I willing to rock the boat?

  • How much am I willing to connect and care about people?

  • Am I committed enough to take the risks?

  • What if I make a wrong decision?

Good leadership requires competencies of team building, strategy, planning, and problem solving. Great leadership is that and more; it awakens our deepest character, and our conviction, and our courage. Masterful leadership requires that we move from these work at this wisdom and become mature, conscious leaders.

Masterful leadership emerges from conscious intention and training; it calls us to transform our basic ego mood from fear to service. This isn’t familiar territory, and that’s why we have this training.

Program Modules and Objectives

Engage Why are we talking about courage and fear?
  • Costs of fear
  • Payoffs of Courage
Normalize What are we afraid of?
  • Universal fears
Accept Why do we experience fear?
  • Psychology of Fear (protection/defense)
  • Comfort Zone
Recognize What happens when we are afraid?
  • Biology/physiology of fear
  • Signs of fear
  • Contracting
  • Somatics/physiology
Reframe What is (and isn’t) courage?
  • Not always action
  • Quiet courage
  • Paradox of dynamism — not fearlessness
  • Practice/discipline/habit
Transform How do we develop courage?
  • Build skill in our moment to moment responses
  • Build capacity over a lifetime

Courage Postulates:

1. Fear is the basic mood of the ego

2. Fearlessness is not possible

3. Fear disconnects us from self, others, and life

4. Courage can arise only in the presence of fear

5. Courage requires a willingness to be uncomfortable

6. Courage is cultivated with practice

7. The outcome of Courage is not fearlessness, but connection, creativity, and care

Stop letting fear keep you small. Unleash your team’s greatness with this training. Email today to begin unlocking your power to make a difference. Support@sagatica.com| 619.668.8500

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